What in the world do you guys really do?

You don’t look like a place that sells professional sound, lighting, video communication systems.. what do you really do?

what we really do
Professional Sound, Lighting, Video

Maritime Communications

Multicom builds the most dependable and easy to use interior communication systems in the U.S.A. We have a system to fit any size vessel or marine platform, no matter what the size, the purpose or the unique requirements.

Our systems also sound better than any since we are pure digital control with an option for digital speaker and video distribution throughout the vessel. That means everything dependably connects with a single digital cat5 or 6 cable instead of hundreds of wires throughout your overhead.

We also build everything modular, so you can update or change if your needs change.   That also gives you the opportunity to put together a system thats actually made for your vessel.

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Rugged Communications

We build and supply rugged communication systems for touring, transportation science, medical, military and more.  We realize that something simply “off the shelf” might not make it through a single day of your use…  so we build it to last.

Remember the old days when everything was made out of metal and lasted for decades?  Maybe not, but we do.  We remember the quality and craftsmanship that went into the most basic of products.  Those days are almost gone – but not completely.

We have communication systems that hold up to explosive environments, touring, washing, chemicals and dangerous gasses.  We know your life or your living might depend upon communicating.  We get it.. so we make sure your products are made to last and made for your purpose.

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Professional Sound, Lighting, Video
Professional Sound, Lighting, Video


for pro audio and video equipment.

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surveillance, telephones, cables and connectors

for maritime, industrial or rugged communications.

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You will find thousands of pro audio, video and communication products available now on our websites.   This is a great option for best prices on individual items, systems that won’t be used in extreme environments or systems that won’t require an engineer to design.

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